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HI-TECH Aluminum Welding
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Archerfield Qld 4108

PHONE: 3277 7087   FAX: 3276 7587

7am to 5pm Mon to Fri - We can weld your parts come in and see us.

Open Saturdays by appointment only..

Chrysler Header Tank Fabrication top view

Chrysler Header Tank Fabrication bottom view

Hi Tech for all alloy boat welding and modifications.

Alloy fabrication for all marine

Item: Alloy Buoys

Make: Dive Buoys


Alloy buoys with pitting and cracks, causing submersion and worn anodes


Buoys were sandblasted back to bare. Alloy reweld to cracks and corrosion spots, replaced zinc anodes, pressure tested and re-powder coated.

Hi Tech for all Alloy compoent repair

Remove vac line fitting 1:
Just another part rejuvenated with welding a large rub
through mark on a alloy pipe off a intake line.

Remove vac line fitting :as seen in this picture this pipe was badly cracked and we where able to clean and prep area reweld and grind back flush surface.

Weld flange to pipe: Hi-techs welding capabilities will allow us to add/modify any alloy pipe work and pressure test.

Weld crack in sump: A very common problem these days is alloy sumps on both cars and trucks cracking from castings breaking down and getting metal fatigue or caused by impact damage.

Weld crack in sump1: Hi-Tech radiators can also strengthen the weld by cutting a gauge or v shape into the material and then spray a leak detection on weld .if any spray comes through we will know its leaking so all leak detection can be covered no matter how difficult the item.

Header Tank Replacement

Century1 = This is a a newly fabricated alloy header tank off a freightliner century c120 truck where original was plastic and only lasting average period off 12 months which is far from the life expectancy off the newly fabricated alloy tank with a life expectancy off 5+ years.

Century 89kb= As seen in this picture the alloy tank has been made with also a great finish and no major 90 degree folds which can act as weak points this header tank has also had extra internal supports put in to allow for thermal expansion.

Eagle = This header tank is an alloy copy off an original plastic header tank off a international eagle where the o/e plastic tanks are cracking prematurely from heat under the bonnet and vibration cracking mounting areas so pay the extra and get what you expect from one off hi-techs perfectly hand fabricated truck header tanks.


What Hi-Tech Radiators Can Offer With Its Customer Service

Hi-Tech Radiators is one of very few radiator shops that caters for radiator repairs, cleanouts, re-cores, completes & new top tanks from motorbikes to the largest of mining machinery.
Hi-Tech Radiators has a large range of radiators for cars, forklifts, light commercial & trucks both in Second hand reconditioned to re-cored or complete new assembly.
We believe that if we cant provide a fast & reliable turn around with a good warranty.

Hi-Tech Radiators are involved in a group of radiator repair shops throughout Australia called Adrad Experts what this means for you the customer is that anywhere in Australia you have a cooling system problem like overheating or loss of coolant you can go to any Adrad Experts Shop which you can find in the yellow pages all over Australia to be able to get the problem fixed or covered under warranty with no problems allowing all warranty guide lines have been carried out.
Adrad Experts group are 120 shops strong throughout Australia & have meet a strict criteria to be involved in the group, like been in the industry for over 3 years knowing that you are a very capable repairer with diagnostics, all suitable equipment to do the right job as well as a well presented workshop & office.
This is just one of the groups Hi-Tech Radiators are involved including in Institute Of Automotive Engineer as well as Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists Of Australia better known as VASA.
These groups are all recognised in the Automotive industry as leading groups for staying up to date with all new technical information & problems
Hi-Tech Radiators cater in all radiators to suit passenger cars, vans, 4WD's & light commercial vehicles.
With a large range of stock for all common vehicles also reconditioned units it makes it very easy to turn around a radiator replacement in under 3 hours.

What A Service Consists Of (2)

A service consists of the Removal of the old radiator, full engine flush through the overflow tank & heater core then high pressure air to push out any left over water in the block or any air locks, a new radiator or second hand reconditioned unit will then be installed at the same time checking for
swelling, splitting or hardness in the hoses,
worn or rusted hose clamps,
Sticking thermostats,
Faulty water pumps/ Fan belts,
Heater tap working correctly,
Radiator cap/ faulty fan hubs,
thermo fans working or operating at right temperature,
CO2 head test .
After checking these we then supply a new dose of coolant
Once all these checks have been done the vehicle then will be taken out for a test drive. A service sticker will be put on the top of the radiator. This sticker identifies that in 12mths time you will need to bring the vehicle back for a engine flush & coolant.

After You Have Had Your Radiator Serviced (3)

Once you have had your radiator serviced at Hi-Tech Radiators you can rest assure that if there is any problems or questions that you are wanting to find out the answer to you can give one of our technicians a ring & they will be able to help you out on any of your problems.

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